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This is a story about Nina. She is a woman who goes through the mundane activities of life and stumbles upon inspiration, love, passion quite by chance.

She learns to find peace in the chaos called domestic bliss, and strives to remain sane even when the domestic help goes vacationing. She realizes that there’s a lot to learn from the ‘bai’ (Phoolwati Aunty), as there is from her beloved Nani-jaan. This Punjabi woman loves to travel around the world, but cannot do without daal makhni for more than two days in a row. Take her out of Chandigarh, but you absolutely cannot take away the Chandigarh out of her!
Between loving her husband, Samar, and loathing his bike, her three-year old super energetic daughter, Baby Tara, takes up most of her time. Nina is a typical mother who can’t wait for her little monster to start school, but sheds copious tears the day she finally has to!

She loves birthdays, particularly her own. The dawn of a new year inspires her like no other! She is a Bollywood lover and enjoys dissecting anything and everything under the sun – be it silly one-liners behind highway trucks or the supremely interesting breed of non-resident Indians!

She’s a proud Punjabi, her heartaches for the poor, helpless farmer. And she detests big fat Punju weddings at the risk of being outcast for an entire ‘wedding season’.

Her golden retriever, Buddy, continues to remain her agony aunt (or uncle?)

Meet her and see the world through her lens – a little blurry, sometimes rose tinted, at times grey and rarely crystal clear! Nevertheless, she goes about wiping the muck away!

Nina is a little bit of all of us. Unassuming, restless and all heart!

READ, REVIEW AND RATE!! Would love to know what you think of it!