Faith Or Not?

World over, weekends are associated with catching up on movies, socialising, drinking binges, groceries, checking on the kids’ homework, doctor appointments, etc – depending on the age bracket you fit in. But here in our motherland, it means all of this along with some spiritual ‘tadka’.
The Indian Sundays usually begin with a soul nourishing Bhajan on the radio, and move onto the all-knowing ‘Babas’ answering ludicrous queries by people from all corners of Bharat. The victims in distress range from lovesick Romeos to loveless wives, with a weary bahurani thrown in. Our ‘Babas’ never cease to impress. They have solutions to all your problems. A red-stone ring in the little finger on the left hand is the key to happiness. If that doesn’t work, feed a black dog. There! Your ‘Rahu’ is taken care of – the root of all evil!
While I’m still sympathising with the injustice meted out to all the white canines of the country, the landline rings. It’s Phoolwati!
She says she won’t be coming to work today since it’s her turn of duty at the local ‘satsang’. On further probing, I find out that she has registered with a local Dera and with divine bendiction, this Sunday she has to sweep and scrub Guruji’s den.
Phoolwati is not only our house cleaner, but she also happens to be my two and a half year old daughter’s fashion idol. My outfits never get a second glance, but her loud, flowery ones always garner praise from the baby without fail. I might not be a big fan of her style quotient, but I secretly admire her ability of winning arguments with the mother in law. It certainly is a special trait to possess.
On a more serious note, I respect Phoolwati for winning the bigger battles in life. No matter what the day, her greeting every morning is cheerful. She works – while humming songs. How many of us, sitting in those air conditioned, lavish offices can afford such a luxury?
She scrubs the Italian marble floors with such vigour, while making lame jokes about the easy-to-maintain mud floors of her house. After hours of hard work, she savours her humble cup of tea like it is a glass of vintage wine – taking small sips over long conversations.
So, I try not to judge this fighter and her ‘Babas’. Maybe the faith she so dearly clings on to, gives her the strength to go about the trials and tribulations of life.
I’m deep in thought, while G Purana (a renowned astrologer), comes on TV, advising the single Taureans to feed cows on a five consecutive Sundays for brighter matrimonial prospects!
If it works for you, then who am I to judge? :)