A New Friend This New Year

World over, the palpable excitement of welcoming a new year is infectious. The obscure Republic of Kiribati is the first country to welcome a brand new year, followed by the hugely popular fireworks display in New Zealand and Australia. Then New Year Eve fever catches on in the Middle East and Asia and it goes on to entrench Europe, Canada and the United States in its contagious spirit as well. Finally, the clock strikes twelve in the far off Baker Islands in US, and the whole world replaces their old, dusty calendars with bright and crisp new ones.
Some drink and dance their way into the New Year, whereas others nonchalantly sleep through it. Then there are the more adventurous ones who travel far and wide to ring in the new year; and others who welcome it cosily tucked in their beds sipping hot cocoa. But, each and every one of us carries with us lessons and memories of the year gone by; hope and apprehension for the year ahead. Some of us chalk out resolutions for the forthcoming year, and most of us vow to fulfil the old ones with renewed zest and zeal.
This year, I choose to let go of all grandiose plans. I free myself from setting taxing benchmarks and meeting dreadful deadlines. This new year, I pledge to forge a friendship of a lifetime with myself. I promise to become my own best friend. A friend who encourages to discover and absorb fine literature. Someone who jolts me out of complacency to travel the uncharted path and explore the unknown. Somebody who introduces me to different cuisines around the world. Someone who urges me to put up a hammock on a clear sunny day. A friend who says its perfectly alright to get drenched in the first rain of the monsoon. Someone who embraces my grey areas and is not too quick to judge. Somebody who nudges me to give it one final shot before quitting. A dear friend who shoves me to put in my entire being to mend a precious relationship gone astray. Someone who inspires me to create and appreciate art. An ally who encourages me to laugh at myself rather than an others. Someone who tells me that it is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes, but extremely undesirable to not learn from them. Somebody who assures me that an extra piece of chocolate never hurt anyone.
So this new year, I want to be that ‘somebody’ for myself.
There’s a beautiful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson – “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” We contain a sea of emotions, talents and capabilities; which are left unplumbed under the garb of life’s mundanities.
Self-love is the best kind of love. It invites the right people around oneself. It makes the arduous journey of life slightly easier. It helps us distinguish between the absolutely necessary and the unnecessary. In the long run, it de-clutters life and makes space for the valuable things. In this lifetime, we will spend the most time with ourselves. So why not make it delightful company? And what better time would it be than now, to start with a clean slate?
Here’s wishing for everyone a soul invigorating, love-soaked 2017!